We Make Utility Poles Intelligent

The industry’s first LTE-based sensor to monitor utility poles lets you know when your poles are tilted or vibrating. This is crucial information to help in storm recovery and to avoid knock down hazards.

ICON installation data_1_0.png

Installation Data

  • Detailed asset tracking with GPS
  • Self-provisioning with LTE communication
ICON operation maintenance data_0.png

O&M Data

  • Tilt from Weather or impact
  • Vibration from impact, weather, and line switching
ICON real time alarm_1_0.png

Real-time Alarms

  • Threshold notifications
  • Mandatory for revenue generating poles (Small Cells)
ICON data integration and analysis_0_0.png

Data Integration

  • API into SCADA, OMS or WOMS
  • Integrated with utility pole asset data

Monitoring Your Grid Assets
So You Don’t Have To

UbiGrid Tilt and Vibration Monitor (TVM) enables utilities to manage critical utility pole assets, providing data on pole tilt and movement, as well as impact and vibration levels. TVM gives grid operators a full view of utility pole fleets, enabling remote identification of structural pole damage; helping to more efficiently plan maintenance and avoid costly outages.

Simple to Install
Easy to Scale

The UbiGrid TVM is easily installed in minutes with a simple band snap-in attachment or directly on to wood or concrete poles with self-tapping screws. UbiGrid TVM is fully self-powered and requires no wires or field commissioning.

Get Data Driven Insights on your Utility Poles

Our new sensor gives grid operators a clearer picture of the condition of T&D pole and structure assets and provide critical data analytics tools to facilitate comprehensive grid modernization, efficiently and cost-effectively.

UbiGrid TVM Technical Details
Auto-provisioning at installation activation Environmental rating: IP67
Over-the-air (OTA) firmware upgrades Impact rating: IK07
Solar panel and dual rechargeable batteries Operating temperature range: 0° C - 60° C
Secure encrypted messages from sensor to cloud Size: 7” L x 3” W x 2” D
Configurable reports and frequency Weight with bracket: < 1lb
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