A Simple Way to Deploy
Smart City Infrastructure

Our suite of streetlight-mounted technologies unlocks the potential of your existing infrastructure to improve public safety and connectivity.


Aggregate data from across a network of streetlights to understand traffic patterns, identify safety hazards, and aid in criminal investigations.


Achieve more with a single platform and fewer truck rolls to improve efficiency and reduce the cost of deploying smart technology.


Easily add new features and functions on the same, streamlined multi-use platform that is designed to grow as urban needs evolve.

How Streetlights Simplify Technology Deployments
The Power of Smarter Streetlights

Our solutions transform and expand the functionality of streetlights to:

  • Maintain lighting levels for driver and pedestrian safety
  • Reduce energy costs and truck rolls
  • Monitor traffic, noise, and air quality
  • Integrate video and data with public safety departments
  • Simplify maintenance
  • Protect dark skies and wildlife


Deploys in Seconds,
Actionable Data in Minutes

By 2025, cities will deploy over 2 billion devices in urban areas to help with public safety, connectivity, and environmental concerns. Streetlights are the answer to some of today’s biggest challenges in smart city technology deployments, offering a convenient, ubiquitous location for devices, an easy way to manage them, cost-effective deployment, and a strong return on investment.

Ubicquia accelerates smart city technology projects and helps cities save up to 50% on the total cost of ownership.

Calculate Your ROI

The business case for switching from traditional streetlights to LEDs is undeniable. On their own, LEDs can cut municipal electricity consumption by as much as 50%. To realize the full potential of your LED investment, you need to connect your streetlights in a smart, integrated system.

See how a Smart Lighting Control platform can increase your energy savings, lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and reduce your street lighting TCO with this calculator.

Why Ubicquia

Ubicquia is helping over 800 cities become smarter, safer, and more connected. Our technology is designed to support public safety and quality of life improvements while controlling costs and optimizing your existing infrastructure.

We are compatible with more than 360 million streetlights and 500 million utility poles worldwide. Together, we can create a safer and more efficient future for all.

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