Ubicquia Helps You Change Your Technology Landscape Without Changing Your Landscape

We believe the next generation of technology isn’t just going to be unbelievably powerful and fast, it is also going to be easy to deploy and invisible.

Making the World Smarter, Safer and More Connected
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We provide communities with the data and artificial intelligence they need to harden the grid, allocate resources better, and improve quality of life.

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We look for safety concerns communities face — like rising crime, traffic accidents, extreme weather, air quality — and invest in solutions for them.

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We make public broadband and 5G more accessible to everyone by making it easier to expand capacity and coverage in a simple and affordable way.

Why it matters:

We change people’s lives without changing their environments. Our platforms are packed with capabilities yet nearly invisible from the street.


We provide platforms that are simple to deploy at scale because we use your existing infrastructure. The bonus: they cost you up to 70% less.


Our team has collaborated with industry experts to understand what data matters and how to make it easy for you to use it to drive impact.

Ubicquia by the Numbers


Ubicquia was founded in 2016 with the idea that we could make existing infrastructure intelligent in a more simple, scalable and innovative way.


Ubicquia solutions are deployed in more than 800 cities. Our customers include some of the largest utilities, cities and CSPs in North America.


Ubicquia has more than 160 team members that are dedicated to helping our customers solve some of the big challenges they face deploying intelligent infrastructure.

What our Customers Say


Ubicquia is an active member in the US Conference of Mayors Business Council and the following industry organizations to lead and drive efforts that make communities smarter, safer and more connected.

Our Sustainability Commitment

Every product in our portfolio supports a larger sustainability goal.

  • Reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Monitor air and noise pollution
  • Reduce drive time through asset and traffic monitoring
  • Improve grid reliability
  • Produce products with stringent ESG criteria

United States

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Phone: (833) 808-8786


Ubicquia Solutions Canada, Inc.

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Want to Make the World Smarter, Safer, and More Connected?

Connect with us to learn more about using your existing infrastructure to accelerate 5G deployments, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve public safety, and build a more resilient grid.