A Smarter Safer Campus

Make your outdoor luminaires intelligent to improve the way your campus operates.

How can smart lighting solutions improve campus life?

Real-time alerts, controls, and analytics allow campuses to operate and maintain their lighting network more efficiently while creating beautiful, well-illuminated campuses.

Smart scheduling, dimming, and real-time monitoring reduce energy consumption, lower carbon emissions, and cut maintenance costs by creating efficiencies in usage and extending fixture life.

How can situational awareness technologies improve campus life?

Better campuses start with more awareness of what’s happening on campus. We provide a few things to give you a better sense of what’s going on. First, we provide situational awareness cameras that help you understand campus traffic, identify when facilities need maintenance. and can even help with campus investigations. Second, we provide air quality and noise monitors to let you know when there are environmental or potential safety hazards.

What is the average return on investment on UbiCell?

College campuses that upgrade lighting networks to LEDs with Ubicquia’s intelligent lighting controllers see a return on investment in as soon as two and half years. Cost efficiencies come from reduced energy costs, lower maintenance costs, extended fixture life, and reduced liability.

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How do Ubicquia’s lighting controls differ from other providers?

Ubicquia’s UbiCell and the embedded controls in the UbiHub are built to utility-grade standards. This includes the ability to monitor power quality, protect against surges, and offer last gasp notices on downed poles. These features allow cities and utilities to diagnose issues remotely, reduce truck rolls, improve lighting reliability, and minimize light pollution.

Ubicquia is deployed in over 800 cities across North America and owns an 80% market share of LTE controls. We’ve worked on some of the largest deployments in the country and have seen almost every lighting issue you can imagine and have experience dealing with it.

What should I include in a lighting RFP?

As more colleges and universities prioritize energy efficiency, dark skies, safety, and lighting reliability, they are looking at lighting solutions to help. Over hundreds of lighting control projects, we’ve learned the features that matter to a smarter and safer campus. Check out our Lighting Control RFP Guide

Frequently Asked Questions


Real-time video to improve situational awareness

Lighting controls to ensure adequate brightness


Monitor vehicles, pedestrians, bicycle counts, and all traffic

Alerts for lighting outages, trash, crowds, etc.


Environmentally-friendly lighting that uses less power

Air quality and noise monitoring of environment

Understand What's Happening on your Campus

Intelligence To Improve
Your Campus Experience

Modern college campuses face a new set of concerns around safety, sustainability, accessibility, and traffic management -- all in the face of budget cuts and staffing restrictions

Streetlights have emerged as a powerful locale for deploying smart camera and sensor technologies that deliver real-time data to create operational efficiencies, improve safety, and foster a more intelligent campus

Ubicquia Higher Education Solutions

Enhanced Safety
Reliable lighting, LPR, and situational awareness cameras make campus safer for cars, bikes, and pedestrians.


Get Campus-Wide Analytics
Gain real-time insights on air quality, noise levels and speed and direction of traffic.


Optimize Maintenance
Set alerts for fast and precise attention to cleaning needs, outages, and hazards like downed poles.


Consume Less Energy
Automatic power and dimming schedules reduce operating costs, CO2 emissions, and lighting pollution.

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