UbiCell 3i

Deliver an integrated, intelligent, industrial-grade streetlight solution from day one.

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Better ROI

  • Energy savings
  • O&M savings
  • Dark Sky friendly
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Better Insight

  • Real-time alerts
  • Diagnostic capabilities
  • More relable lighting

Better Impact

  • Public safety
  • Environmental footprint
  • Infrastructure equity
Benefits of an integrated solution
Integrated, Intelligent, Industrial-grade Lighting Control

The UbiCell 3i is compatible with the broad range of LED drivers.

  • Easily replaces NEMA recepticle
  • Integrated antennas, photo sensor, and lighting control
  • Tilt and vibration monitoring
  • Real-time data on power sag and swell
  • Intelligent asset management through UbiVu

Learn More About UbiCell 3i

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UbiCell 3i Smart Lighting Control

DALI D4i Certified
Built to the highest standard

Highly Programmable
Enables savings of up to 50% vs standard photocells

Utility-grade Metering
Accuracy and dependable performance

Tilt & Vibration
Provides data on pole condition of the pole, knock-down, and weather impact

Lab Certified
Utility and safety agency approvals, ensure dependable performance

Multiple Form Factors
Supports virtually all luminaire configurations requirements

Smart Streetlight Controls Should Not be an Afterthought.

Integrating UbiCell 3i into your LED streetlights not only boosts ROI but also redefines their potential. Intelligent controls mean more than just lower bills. With integrated controls, you can offer your customers a way to reduce maintenance costs, extend the life of streetlights, and impact city climate, budget and safety initiatives. The payback on your solution is faster, the impact is bigger, and your customers get more from their infrastructure investment.

LED ROI calculator

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Cellular Networks Are a Superior Choice Over Mesh

The UbiCell lighting control platform uses LTE cellular networks to:

1. Remove need to design, install and operate a private network

2. Allow you to install nodes faster and scale with ease

3. Leverages the most widely deployed reliable network

4. Reduce total cost of ownership by 15-25% over ten years

More Flexible Data Management

UbiCell 3i is managed by Ubicquia’s cloud-based management system, UbiVu. Cities are empowered with robust real-time analytics and pre-built APIs that allow this rich data to feed into other systems. Additional power metering provides even more knowledge and the ability to pursue different charging options.

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A Faster Route to Smart Lighting

Rather than developing your own smart lighting features, UbiCell 3i makes it easy to integrate a smart lighting controller directly onto your existing streetlights to deploy a complete smart lighting system that starts delivering data in minutes.

UbiCell 3i Technical Details

High accuracy GPS Power Supply (auto-sensing): 120V to 480V (50/60Hz)
Tilt, vibration, sag and swell detection Dimming control: DALI D4i
UV stabilized, outdoor rated and flame-resistant polymer Surge rating: up to 20kV/10KA depending on fixture SPD
Dedicated Security Controller Common Criteria Certified EAL6+ (high) Average Power Consumption: 1 W Typical
Secure management of certificates Security: AES 128/256-bit encryption TLS 1.2
Supports device authentication Common Criteria Certified EAL6+ (high)
Multiple reporting frequencies Size: 80mm x 60mm
Revenue-grade metrology Weight: approx. 180g
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