Use Your Existing Lighting to Create Smart Parks

Ubicquia’s compact, multi-purpose streetlight platform delivers a big impact on parks safety, operations, and sustainability.


Real-time video to improve situational awareness

Lighting controls to ensure adequate brightness


Park use analytics: cars, pedestrians, and bike counts

Park condition data: lighting outages, trash, crowds, etc.


Nature-friendly lighting that uses less power

Air quality and noise monitoring of environment

For a Superior Park Experience

Smart Parks Build Strong Communities

Parks play a unique role in community life. They provide spaces where people can come together for recreation and to connect with nature. 

Yet it’s a challenge for many parks departments to keep up with operational demands, ensure public safety, and allocate resources effectively — especially with shrinking budgets.   

Ubicquia can make your park smart in seconds using existing infrastructure.

Intelligence that Protects and Preserves Green Spaces

From recreation fields to state and national trails, every park authority has its own unique requirements. Intelligent infrastructure can address the full range of use cases:

  • Ensure public safety with greater visibility and situational awareness
  • Monitor usage to understand trends and guide future investments
  • Optimize human and financial resources to do more with less
  • Control lighting with high precision to save energy, increase safety and protect habitats
  • Monitor the outdoor environment for air quality, noise, litter and other concerns

In Smart Parks, Safety Comes First

People value parks in their communities, but concerns about crime, homelessness, and drug and alcohol use can keep park users away. The National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) has identified many design features and practices that enhance park safety.  

Ubciquia’s intelligent infrastructure makes it easy to deploy them all to create smart parks:

  • UbiHub APAI provides real-time, on-the-ground situational awareness with live audio and video monitoring, wireless connectivity and the ability to control it all anytime, anywhere.
  • UbiCell is an intelligent networked streetlight controller that allows you to optimize park lights for pedestrian and vehicle safety.
  • Manage everything from UbiVu, our cloud-based management system that offers an integrated view of your historical and real-time insights.

Optimize Your Operations

To keep delivering high-quality services, parks departments need their operations to be as lean and efficient as possible. Yet many still follow traditional rotation-based schedules for maintenance, trash removal and grass cutting. With better insight, you can focus where intervention is needed. 

Ubicquia’s UbiHub APAI solution delivers real-time information for your smart parks. Use video monitoring to see which trash bins need emptying, or which public areas need repairs. Video also lets you count cars, bikes, and people to track park use.

Get a Sustainability Boost with Intelligent Infrastructure

Making your infrastructure intelligent helps you conserve energy, preserve habitats, and protect people’s health and well-being. 

With UbiCell intelligent lighting control, you can dim and schedule park lights to minimize impacts on plants and nocturnal animals and maintain dark sky conditions for stargazers. UbiCell also makes it easy to control park lighting for maximum energy efficiency.

Our UbiSmart AQM+ provides continuous data on air quality, ambient noise and other metrics than affect the park environment and human health.

Our cloud-based UbiVu management system centralizes all data on a single pane of glass.

Easy To Deploy

Built for simplicity, our products deploy in seconds using existing infrastructure and can be managed with ease in UbiVu.

Clear ROI

Our platforms are less expensive than alternatives and pay for themselves in 3-4 years through energy and operational savings.

Positive Impact

Video, lighting, and environmental intelligence improve park safety, operations, and sustainability.

Elegant Design

Our products win design awards for packing a lot of functionality into platforms that are nearly invisible to park visitors.

Want to Make the World Smarter, Safer, and More Connected?

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