UbiGrid Distribution Transformer Monitoring (DTM+)

Improve grid reliability and reduce costs with real-time data and analytics.

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360-degree Visibility

  • Monitors primary current
  • Secondary voltage & current
  • Oil temperature & pressure
  • Detects voltage sag/swells
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Real-time AI and Analytics

  • Load and phase imbalance
  • Shorts in winding
  • Power theft
  • Failure prediction
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Reduce O&M Costs

  • Proactive maintenance
  • Transformer efficiency
  • Minimize truck rolls
  • Inventory management
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Simple & Fast Installation

  • Installs in minutes 
  • One platform
  • Single phase & three phase
  • Retrofit & OEM installations
UbiGrid DTM+ Makes Distribution Infrastructure Smarter and More Visible


  • Collects and sends transformer and grid performance data over an LTE network to UbiVu cloud-based asset management system.
  • UbiVu uses predictive analytics, reporting and visualization for end-to-end visibility
  • Open APIs enable data integration into existing Grid Operations and OSS systems.
UbiGrid DTM+ Next Level Situational Awareness

Public and Private LTE Reliable, cost effective real-time, low-lag data communication

Last Gasp Messaging Alert crews with right location for faster outage restoration

GPS Get exact location for outage and asset management

Monitors primary and secondary Pinpoint faults and monitor bidirectional energy

Tilt & Vibration Provides data on pole condition, knock-down and weather impact

Oil Temperature and pressure sensing Monitor asset health and prevent outages

Partnerships Drive Innovation

Partnering with industry leaders is essential to Ubicquia’s mission 
to make the grid smarter and more connected.

We teamed with Prolec to build the industry's first fully 
integrated smart transformer by integrating the UbiGrid DTM+ 
platform into Prolec's single-phase pad mount transformers across 
a wide range of sizes.

Data Science Delivers Essential Insights

Operationalizing data into manageable tasks

Ubicquia’s cloud-based asset management platform, UbiVu, uses algorithms based on extensive data analysis to detect dielectric breakdowns up to 27 days before they happen.

Unlock $10.5 billion in federal grid resilience & innovation funding

Visit our Smart Grid Funding page to learn how to improve your chances of securing funding.

Ubicquia’s innovative products meet 9 of DOE’s 12 grid resilience funding measures

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UbiGrid DTM+ Technical Details
Configurable alert thresholds and notifications Environmental Rating: IP67
Over-the-air (OTA) firmware upgrades Impact rating: IK09
API option to aggregate reports at varying intervals Line Voltage Range: 90V-506VAC
Real-time oil temperature and pressure reporting Size: 8.8”L x 3.9”W x 2.5”D
Primary and secondary current detection Weight: <2lbs
Secondary voltage and delivered kVA
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