UbiGrid Transformer Fault Detector Plus (TFD+)

Safely and quickly detect and re-energize failed transformers with remote fault detection.

ICON real time notification.png

Transformer Visibility

  • GPS location
  • Internal pressure
  • Secondary voltage
  • Detects internal fault
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Real-time Alerts and Analytics

  • Loss of voltage
  • Internal temperature
  • Pressure differential
  • Tilt and impact
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Operations and Safety

  • Minimize truck rolls
  • Safely re-energize
  • Right equipment the first time
  • Accurate transformer inventory
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Simple & Fast Installation

  • Reuse existing TFD+ units
  • Field retrofit in minutes
  • One platform pole/pad mount
  • Single phase
A Smarter and Safer Alternative to Manual Solutions

Each year millions of transformers need to be re-energized. Field personnel rely on mechanical solutions to know units are safe to re-energize.

The UbiGrid TFD+ is a better option.

It attaches to existing aerial and padmount transformers, and delivers real-time analytics on critical parameters, such as internal pressure, temperature, voltage, and GPS location over an LTE network. No more driving around looking for faults. Field personnel can now get critical safety and operational data, over the cloud, to prevent injuries, locate issues, and avoid needless transformer replacements.

Based on Proven Technology

UbiGrid TFD+ leverages UbiGrid Distribution Transformer Monitor Plus’ technology that has been proven at scale in some of the most reliable utilities in North America. UbiGrid TFD+ focuses exclusively on real-time transformer health data to ensure safer reenergizing, better asset management, outage prevention, and fast outage recovery with fewer trips to the pole.

UbiGrid TFD+ Technical Details
Configurable alert thresholds and notifications Environmental Rating: IP67
Over-the-air (OTA) firmware upgrades Impact rating: IK09
API option to aggregate reports at varying intervals Line Voltage Range: 90V-506VAC
Real-time oil temperature and pressure reporting Size: 8.8”L x 3.9”W x 2.5”D
Secondary voltage Weight: <2lbs
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