Government Funding for Your Intelligent Infrastructure Projects

With the recently announced grants, we have an unprecedented opportunity to make the needed improvements to our infrastructure.

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Over the last three years, the government has announced several new grants to strengthen public infrastructure, improve the environment, make our streets safer, and bridge the digital divide. We’ve researched some of the grants and funds that may be applicable to your projects and linked to these sites below:


Smart Grid

Our UbiGrid DTM+ and TVM were designed to improve grid resilience. The DTM+ comes with predictive analytics that help utilities find issues before they lead to outages, pinpoint failures, improve capacity planning. The platform can also provide the intelligence necessary to support the move to electric vehicles and distributed energy. The TVM provides real-time analytics on the state of utility poles to help restore power faster after storms and accidents. The following grant programs may help your with your UbiGrid projects.


The COVID pandemic proved the importance of broadband for all. Ubicquia makes it easy for cities to extend connectivity without adding unsightly cell towers. Our UbiHub AP and Ericsson Street Radios (a platform developed in collaboration with the worldwide 5G leader) simply plug into existing streetlights and provide connectivity in minutes. It may be possible to use these grants for UbiHub AP and Ericsson Street Radio projects.

Transportation Infrastructure

Our UbiHub AP/AI provides the traffic analytics needed to detect and categorize moving objects (pedestrians, bicycles, cars, trucks, buses, etc.), which allows cities to make data-driven investments in their roads and public transportation. Our customers have used UbiHub to analyze where to add new bus routes, add traffic lights, invest in bike lanes, and more. The following grants may be available to pursue these types of projects with us.

Public Safety

Public Safety is one of the top five concerns for the average American. As a result, the Government is investing to make our streets safer. Our UbiCell platform can optimize street lighting to prevent traffic deaths and reduce crime, while our UbiHub provides video monitoring, situational awareness and license plate recognition that many cities use to protect and serve their communities.

The following grant programs may apply:


Our UbiCell and AQM solutions help make cities and businesses more sustainable, by reducing energy consumption, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Our solutions provide tools and data to help you make more informed decisions about building a sustainable environment. There are multiple grants that you can leverage for these types of projects.

Disadvantaged Communities

Our UbiSmart AQM, UbiHub and UbiCell solutions bring reliable and affordable access to essential services, such as electricity, wireless connectivity and healthy air quality, to disadvantaged communities. This not only improves their quality of life but also creates new opportunities for economic and social development. These sources of funding may be relevant to your project:

Unprecedented Opportunity

With the passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, we have an incredible opportunity to modernize our country’s infrastructure. There has never been a better time, as so many of these systems are distressed. The electric grids that power every American household are crumbling. Energy consumption and costs continue to skyrocket. Public safety remains on the top 10 list of mayoral concerns.

How do we harness these funds in 2023 to improve grid resilience, energy conservation and public safety?

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