Simply Connected Simply Smart

Leverage more than 360M+ compatible streetlights globally to deploy Smart City, Broadband and Small Cell services.

Plug and Play streetlight photocell replacement providing advanced light control, stray voltage detection, utility grade metering, tilt/vibration sensing and connections to smart city sensors services.

Streetlight Small Cell simplifies densification of mobile networks w/ Integrated Fiber, Ethernet and DOCSIS Backhaul, plus CA,LAA and CBRS service.

Make Your City Smart Overnight

We offer municipalities, utilities, corporate/college campuses and mobile operators, cost-effective and expandable network equipment for deploying Smart City, broadband and Small Cell services on their existing streetlight infrastructure.

Simply Deployed

Our products and services help cities work more simply and productively, solve problems creatively, and collaborate with a shared purpose. Plus they’re all designed to work together simply. When cities have the power to build smart infrastructure with tools and products they love, they can simply change the future.

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