UbiGrid Distribution Transformer Monitoring (DTM+)

Improve power distribution reliability and prevent future failure with remote monitoring of transformer health analytics

UbiGrid DTM+ overview

The UbiGrid DTM+ is the industry's first LTE-based sensor that provides remote diagnostics and proactive transformer monitoring of critical, field deployed grid assets.

Real-time analytics and damage assessments allow grid operators to rapidly respond, preventing outages before they happen and reducing restoration time. The sensor extends transformer monitoring technology to enable future failure prediction and prevention.

This gives you a crystal clear picture of your distribution transformers, helping improve System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) while reducing O&M costs and the economic impact of outages. For example, tilted and leaking transformers are identified before dielectric damage to coils can occur.

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Benefits of Transformer Monitoring with the UbiGrid DTM+

Increased Reliability

  • Real-time data improves System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) reliability metrics.

Simple deployment

  • Installs in minutes across a wide range of transformer sizes using non-invasive attachment.


  • A maintenance-free solution that feeds back insights and provides real-time notifications.

How Transformer Monitoring works with the UbiGrid DTM+

Ubicquia has reinvented digital transformer monitoring by providing real-time visibility of a transformer's condition and metrics at the grid edge. Typical DTMs measure oil temperature or delivered kVA (kilo volt amp) load. The UbiGrid DTM+ does this and much more, including: pole tilt and vibration, voltage sag and swell, secondary current, power surge protection oscillography of voltage anomalies, power theft detection, and failed transformer alerts. The monitor provides instant notification of these critical analytics, with the reporting frequency individually set per transformer.

Leveraging LTE and Edge Visibility for Transformer Monitoring

The UbiGrid DTM+ sensor leverages public or private LTE networks already in place to provide real-time data for better performance and decisions. This removes the need to deploy another communications network. Failure prediction and prevention is reliable and accessible thanks to the real-time health analytics and alerts communicated over the cloud to our data management platform.

How UbiGrid DTM+ Compares

  UbiGrid DTM+ Others
Less than 15 minute installation
Public and private LTE
Last gasp messaging
Monitors secondary
Tilt and vibration sensing
Oil Temperature and pressure sensing
UbiGrid DTM+ Technical Details
Configurable alert thresholds Size: 4"W ☓ 11"L ☓ 3.3"D
API options to aggregate report at varying intervals Weight: 4lbs
Real-time Power Output and % Capacity Environmental Rating: IP66
Secondary Voltage/current and delivered kVA Voltage Measurement: 110V-480V