IoT for All: Mwc Americas 2018 – Top 10 Interviews From the Show

IoT for All gives a recap of 10 interviews at MWCA 2018 in LA, featuring exclusive insights from AT&T, Ericsson, Samsung, SAP, Qualcomm, LADOT, KORE, Ubicquia, Carnegie Technologies, and Silicon Labs.

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Located on the Space Coast in Melbourne Florida, the Ubicquia team has built an impressive portfolio of modular smart street lighting products that can be quickly and affordably installed by cities, municipalities, and utilities. Ian Aaron, CEO, and Tre Zimmerman, CTO & Co-founder, told IoT For All that in addition to helping customers accelerate the transition to more energy efficient LED lights, Ubicquia’s elevated products (most streetlights are 25 ft. off of the ground) serve as both electrical and communications hubs for all manner of devices, including video cameras, air quality sensors, gunshot detectors, and environmental monitors.

Their UbiCell uses a standard NEMA socket design that is compatible with more than 300 million streetlights worldwide. It provides advanced lighting controls that optimize efficiency based on ambient lighting conditions and allows different settings (color, intensity, etc.) to indicate emergencies or other unusual conditions. They also have larger form factors such as the Ubihub and Ubimetro that offer advanced features including the ability to serve as small cells for emerging 5G networks. Add in Wifi hotspots, Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports, connections for fiber, and LoRa connectivity, and you’ve got a potent, powered communications hub ready for installation on every city block and along most streets. You can check out the possibilities on their website and get updates through their Twitter.

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