Congratulations to IDC Award Nominee, the City of Dallas!

We are excited to celebrate the City of Dallas’ nomination for the prestigious IDC Smart Cities North America Award for its groundbreaking digital equity project in the Red Cloud neighborhood. This initiative reflects Dallas's commitment to becoming a smarter, safer, and more connected city, particularly focusing on enhancing the quality of life in its underserved communities.

The Red Cloud Smart Neighborhood Pilot is a beacon of innovation, utilizing advanced technologies and intelligent infrastructure to address key urban challenges. By integrating smart technology with the city's streetlight network, Dallas has made significant strides in improving public safety, connectivity, and environmental monitoring, bringing tangible benefits to the residents of the Red Cloud neighborhood. This project not only showcases Dallas's forward-thinking approach to urban development but also sets a stellar example of how technology can be harnessed to foster inclusive, sustainable, and resilient communities.

Congratulations to the City of Dallas and all the dedicated individuals and teams involved in this visionary project. Your efforts are not only transforming the Red Cloud neighborhood but also inspiring cities worldwide to embrace the potential of smart city technologies.

Learn more about the Red Cloud project.

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