Data Paves the Way to Smarter Higher Education Campuses

College at night

Colleges and universities seeking to improve safety, sustainability, accessibility, and traffic management are turning to AI and analytics to create smarter campuses. Streetlights have emerged as a convenient, cost-effective hub for deploying these data-driven technologies, particularly as higher education faces budget and staffing shortages.

The Humble Streetlight: A Ubiquitous Feature of the Campus

Streetlights are often already positioned evenly throughout college and university campuses. However, they often lack the real-time data and controls to keep campus leaders aware of necessary maintenance, outages, and downed poles.

LEDs left at full brightness can disrupt night sky visibility, interrupt wildlife migrations, and shine in the windows of student dorms, affecting sleep quality.

When they are not managed, standard streetlights can be a liability for college campuses. But adding smart controllers makes streetlights an asset to campus safety, operations and maintenance, sustainability initiatives, and data collection.

The Smart, Compact Way to Illuminate Campus Life

Ubicquia’s integrated smart city platform brings together the power of smart lighting controls, video analytics, and environmental monitoring into a single, cohesive solution for smarter campuses.

Enhanced Safety

Reliable lighting and video analytics create a safer environment for students, faculty, and staff. Key safety features include:

Lighting Controls

UbiCell provides real-time lighting controls, streetlight schedules, and dimming capabilities to ensure proper brightness.

Situational Awareness

UbiHub supports situational awareness cameras that monitor in real-time and deliver video analytics to improve situational awareness.

License Plate Recognition

Enhances security by identifying unauthorized vehicles and assisting with investigations.

Real-Time Campus-Wide Analytics

Smart streetlights deliver valuable insights that help campus leaders make data-driven decisions:

Traffic Management

Car, pedestrian, and bike counts offer a clearer understanding of traffic flow.

Air Quality and Noise Monitoring

UbiHub’s environmental sensors monitor and report air quality and noise levels.

Crowd Detection

Real-time analytics identify and alert staff to potential crowding issues.

Optimized Maintenance

Effective campus management demands swift and precise responses to operational issues:

Outage Alerts

Automated alerts for lighting outages ensure maintenance teams address issues promptly.

Cleaning Needs

Trash and debris alerts help direct cleaning crews where needed most.

Hazards Detection

UbiVu’s AI-driven insights quickly identify hazards like downed poles, improving safety and reducing response times.

Lower Energy Consumption

Environmental responsibility and cost-saving measures are crucial priorities for colleges:

Energy-Efficient Lighting

Environmentally friendly lighting uses less power, reducing CO2 emissions and light pollution.

Dimming Schedules

Automated power and dimming schedules significantly reduce energy consumption.

Dark Skies

Proper dimming and shielding prevents light pollution and protects night sky visibility.

Intelligence That Directly Impacts Campus Priorities

Streetlights have emerged as a powerful tool for deploying smart camera and sensor technologies that deliver real-time data to create operational efficiencies, improve safety, and foster a more intelligent campus.

With Ubicquia’s UbiCell, UbiHub, and UbiVu solutions, campuses can harness actionable analytics that directly impact safety, operations, and sustainability priorities.

How Ubicquia Creates Safer Communities

UbiCell is a smart lighting controller that easily locks into existing photocells, offering real-time lighting controls and actionable analytics.

UbiHub is Ubicquia’s multipurpose streetlight platform supporting LPR, situational awareness cameras, air quality monitoring, and more.

UbiVu is Ubicquia’s cloud-based asset management platform offers a comprehensive view of historical and real-time actionable insights, with critical alerts for outages and in-progress events.

The Future of Analytics-Forward Campus Life

Smart streetlights illuminate campus infrastructure not only with increased safety and illumination, but with robust data that can help campuses to adopt strategic sustainability initiatives.

By leveraging data-driven insights and smart solutions, college campuses can create safer, smarter environments that foster academic success while ensuring optimal resource utilization.

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