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Ubicquia Awarded TALQ Certification for Smart City Solutions

Ubicquia TALQ Certification

Makes intelligent infrastructure deployments easier by ensuring interoperability


FT LAUDERDALE, FL – March 30, 2023 -- Ubicquia, Inc., a company dedicated to making intelligent infrastructure simple and cost effective for cities to deploy, today announced its UbiVu® intelligent asset management platform is TALQ® certified. Ubicquia platforms are used by more than 550 customers, including some of the largest cities and utilities in the US. By meeting the TALQ Smart City Protocol standard, Ubicquia ensures its smart city solutions seamlessly communicate and interoperate with other TALQ-certified systems.

UbiVu provides lighting management across Ubicquia’s streetlight products including UbiCell®, UbiHub® and UbiMetro® that install in seconds by plugging into the photocell socket of 360 million compatible streetlights. With UbiVu’s new TALQ Certification, Ubicquia’s products can interoperate with third party lighting management systems. UbiVu has gone through rigorous testing for compliance with the TALQ Specification, which covers a range of aspects including data exchange formats, communication protocols, and security measures.

"We are pleased to provide TALQ-certified solutions," said Ron Smith, VP Software Development at Ubicquia. "By making our products interoperable, we make it easy for cities to work with multiple vendors and scale their deployments."

To meet the standard requirements, Ubicquia integrated a TALQ-compliant Gateway and related APIs into UbiVu®. This approach benefits Ubicquia customers with the ability to:  

  1. Seamlessly integrate with third-party TALQ-compliant lighting system control with Ubicquia’s streetlight platforms. 
  2. Facilitation of a smooth transition for customers with legacy mesh lighting management systems to Ubicquia’s cost-effective LTE platforms.
  3. Migrate their legacy lighting management platform to UbiVu to take advantage of a single platform for lighting, public safety, traffic management, and air quality monitoring.

“It is a pleasure to witness more and more smart city applications worldwide conforming to the TALQ standard, thereby offering cities a broad choice of interoperable solutions. Furthermore, Ubicquia’s rapid adaption of UbiVu is a perfect example of a fast and smooth implementation of the TALQ protocol, highlighting the effort that the consortium has invested in improved documentation and the certification process over the past few years.” Adds Simon Dunkley, Secretary General of the TALQ Consortium.

About the TALQ Consortium

Founded in 2012, the TALQ Consortium has established a globally accepted standard for management software interfaces to configure, command, control and monitor heterogeneous outdoor device networks (ODNs). The TALQ interface is a software protocol for information exchange, suitable for implementation in various products and systems. This way interoperability between Central Management Software (CMS) and ODNs (so-called “Gateways”) for smart city applications from different vendors is enabled, such that a single CMS can control different ODNs in different parts of a city or region.

About Ubicquia Inc

Ubicquia’s intelligent infrastructure platforms install in minutes and make the world smarter, safer, and more connected. Our smart city solutions simply plug into the photocell sockets of 360 million compatible streetlights to reduce energy consumptions, enhance public safety, and lower operations and maintenance costs. Our communication platforms use existing streetlights to expand public broadband and help the mobile operators accelerate their 5G and FWA deployments. Our smart grid products attach to existing distribution transformers in minutes, providing predictive analytics that make the grid more resilient. Ubicquia products are deployed by more than 550 customers that include the largest cities, utilities, and mobile operators across North America. To learn more visit or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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