Rumford, Maine, Population 6,000, Installs 5G Streetlights


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Capitalizing on the presence of ubiquitous streetlights, infrastructure platform developer Ubicquia, is using the available poles to send 5G signals throughout Rumford, ME. As Broadband Communities reports, Ubicquia has been working with the town to introduce UScellular smart-city technology to the town of under 6,000. The plan is for UScellular to install Ericsson Street Radio small cell units throughout Rumford. The web of connectivity is expected to benefit both residents, and visitors coming to enjoy the nearby Black Mountain of Maine ski resort.

“Streetlights are often under-used assets,” noted Ubicquia Site Acquisition VP Dave Wong. “We are changing that by helping towns and cities like Rumford transform these assets.” 

“This agreement is good for Rumford,” George O’Keefe, Economic Development Director for Rumford told Broadband Communities. “Smart cities are built on connectivity, and by granting streetlight attachment rights, we enable UScellular to strengthen network coverage for our citizens without cluttering the cityscape.” “We look forward to working with Ubicquia and the Town of Rumford, and we hope more cities follow their lead,” added UScellular EVP/CTO Mike Irizarry. He noted that the use of streetlights streamlines the connectivity process without making a visual impact on the character of a town. “Getting site permits can sometimes take 12-18 months,” he continued, “And agreements like this expedite that process and allow us to provide essential connectivity without delay.”

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