20 Inspirational Designs From 2023 European Product Design Awards

best design 2023 news image

We're pleased to share Ubicquia's UbiGrid was named a winner in INDUSTRIAL/Energy category for inspired designs at the 2023 European Product Design Awards.

“Natural disasters can strike at any time with increasingly devastating results. With only so much preparation possible, how do we reduce the amount of time before normalcy is restored? The UbiGrid DTM+ empowers utilities to actively monitor the grid in real-time with instant notifications on transformer load, power state, and condition; these provide crews with information critical to efficiently dispatch assets where needed, expediting recovery for residents. With our critical analytics and predictive grid health, utilities can spot anomalies earlier, recover quicker, and keep our lights on,” said Claudio Ribeiro, VP Design.

The European Product Design Awards (EPDA) celebrates innovation, creativity, and excellence in design, showcasing the most groundbreaking and inspiring designs from around the continent.

The 2023 edition of the EPDA brought forth a plethora of exceptional designs that pushed the boundaries of conventional thinking. Delve into some of the most inspirational designs that captured the essence of European design innovations HERE.


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