What EV Demands of the Grid



Unleashing the Power of Analytics and Machine Learning for Mass EV Adoption 

The surge in electric vehicle (EV) purchases means more and more EV chargers, presenting a monumental challenge for utility grids not designed for ambitious electrification goals to reduce emissions. With EV owners adding fast charging stations at home and billions of dollars in federal incentives driving the deployment of over 500,000 chargers across the U.S., utilities face mounting pressure to adapt to unplanned loads and right-size transformers.

Unlocking Grid Insights for Seamless EV Integration

Gaining reliable insights into the impact of EV chargers on distribution networks is paramount for effective capacity planning. While current monitoring technologies focus on specific grid segments using line sensors and smart meters, a holistic approach—from the substation to the meter—is essential for understanding and mitigating the effects of EV chargers, which can quickly overload transformers.

Maximizing Benefits with Real-Time Analytics and Machine Learning

Embracing real-time analytics and machine learning is critical to overcoming EV integration challenges. By leveraging innovative tools such as the UbiGrid DTM+ and UbiVu AI cloud analytics platform, utilities can accurately assess transformer loads and make informed decisions to optimize capacity.

Strategic Planning for Sustainable Growth

Data-driven capacity planning enables utilities to forecast demand for public and private EV charging stations, empowering them to address future needs proactively. By harnessing historical data and machine learning algorithms, utilities can anticipate trends and future needs proactively ensure the seamless integration of EVs into the grid.

Towards a Greener Tomorrow: The Promise of an Intelligent Grid

Collaboration between utilities and communities is crucial for reducing carbon emissions through electrification. A smarter grid supports the widespread adoption of EVs and facilitates the integration of renewable energy sources, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

About Jow Ortiz:
Jow is Ubicquia’s General Manager of Utility Product Management. Jow brings twenty-five years of experience working for Florida Power and Light, where he held several leadership roles in Transmission, Substation, and Distribution

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