Intelligent Infrastructure That's Easy to Deploy and Monitor

There are 360M Streetlights,
500M Transformers and 1B Utility Poles.
We Make Them Intelligent.

We Don't Have to See Intelligent Infrastructure to Feel its Impact

Our network lighting controls have delivered tangible savings for communities

energy cost savings
US Dollars
greenhouse gas reduction
CO2 Tons
*$0.17/kwh average cost of kilowatt-hour used
**Since January 1, 2020
***Based on current customer best practices for dimming & scheduling

Let's Solve Some Big Problems Together with Intelligent Infrastructure

of a municipality's energy budget goes to streetlights.

UbiCell reduces streetlight energy costs, improves safety and lowers Co2 emissions.


crimes are committed with a vehicle.

UbiHub allows cities accelerate the deployment of License Plate Recognition Cameras.


people died on US roads in 2022.

UbiHub gives cities a way to reduce fatalities with better lighting and street analytics.


months average time to add new 5G locations.

The Ericsson Street Radio with Ubicquia turns street lights into 5G sites in minutes.


additional capacity required for electric vehicles.

UbiGrid Distribution Transformer Monitor+ gives utilities an intelligent way manage capacity.


worst US wildfire smoke day in recent history

UbiSmart AQM+ gives cities a way to monitor air quality and protect at-risk citizens.

Making the World Smarter, Safer and More Connected

Ubicquia can make it simpler to deploy devices at scale, easier to use data for better decisions and have a minimal impact on the environment.

ICON mobile operator LTE.png

Mobile Operators

Better 4G & 5G experience

Faster deployments

Near-zero footprint

What Our Customers Say

Want to Make the World Smarter, Safer, and More Connected?

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