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When You install Your Ubicquia device, You may be asked for certain basic information like Your device name, description, and geolocation. This information is used to personalize Your experience – for example, to tell You which device is triggering a notification.

We collect data from sensors built into some of Our devices. These sensors collect data such as pole tilt, electrical grid parameters, device temperature and power consumption, luminaire on/off status, and ambient light level. By recording this information, Your device can know, for instance, whether it’s dark and to turn on the streetlight luminaire to which the device is attached, or whether there is a potential issue with the pole or utility power.

After You begin using Your device, We may process information from Your device so that We can send You alerts. This information processing may include capturing and e-mailing to You portions of this data as part of a notification or analyzing the data to identify motion or other events. When You use Our UbiVu cloud-based monitoring and management platform or a third-party management service accessing Our UbiVu platform though licensed application programming interfaces (collectively, the “Services”), We will process video recordings and/or audio recordings (if so enabled) from Your device. In addition, We will capture, process, and retain video recordings and audio recordings (if enabled) from Your device, so You will be able to access those recordings using the Services during the specified retention period.

In order to improve Your experience and Our products and services over time, as well as help Us troubleshoot any problem You may encounter with Your device, We may record Your device serial number, software version, and/or technical information, such as cellular signal strength and other device operating parameters.


If You have comments or questions about this Privacy Policy or any other matter regarding the terms and conditional use of Our Website and Services, you may send Mail to us at:

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