Smart Streetlight Controller

Compatible with 360M+ streetlights worldwide, plug and play streetlight photocell replacement, providing advanced light control, voltage detection, utility grade metering, tilt/vibration sensing and connections to smart city sensors and services.

Integrates seamlessly with existing streetlight infrastructure

Our smart city solution featuring LTE data communications, DALI dimming protocols and real-time data access to power usage and quality of line & load, generates energy and maintenance savings while simplifying asset management.

Leverage your existing infrastructure

The sky’s the limit for sustainability, safety and savings with more efficient asset management than ever before. UbiCell includes a full range of certified utility control and metering capabilities along with real-time GPS, tilt and vibration data to improve asset management, reduce O&M expenses and be more responsive to network outages.


Asset management made simple

UbiVu is a web-based analysis and cloud management tool providing real-time data and insights of your Ubi-deployment. Monitor and predict the environment in new and innovative ways including energy usage data, system notification, air quality status and system notifications through a smart and customizable interface with remote troubleshooting and OTA updates.

Operations & Maintenance

  • Advanced light control
  • Utility metering
  • Power loss detection
  • High accuracy tilt and vibration sensor

Simplified Installation

  • Plug and Play
  • Auto carrier configuration
  • OTA firmware update
  • Eliminate mounted gateways

Sensor Connectivity

  • Every streetlight is a smart city area
  • 2-wire connections for power/data
  • Sensor data aggregation
  • 2-way comms. for sensor calibration

Location Based Services

  • High accuracy GPS
  • WiFi capabilities coming soon
Key Technical Specifications
Dimensions : 103.5mm X 82.5 mm
Power Surge Detection : 10kV/5KA
Power Supply : 90V to 506V (50/60Hz)
Dimming Controls : 0-10V, DALI, DALI-2
IP Ratings : IP66
Impact Rating : IK07
Operating Temperature Range : Range -30° C to +70° C
Communication Module : LTE, CAT-1
Bands Supported : B2/B4/B12