Industry's First Streetlight Edge AI Processing WiFi 6 Access Point

Make your city smarter, safer
and more connected

UbiHub AP/AI, the streetlight audio video AI with edge processing applications, enables the next generation of IoT Smart City services with high-speed wireless internet access and lighting control capabilities worldwide. With unlimited application and use-cases to optimize curb management, mobility, and improve public safety; this solution delivers connectivity where you need it, with edge analytics.​

Simply installed and rapidly deployed

The UbiHub AP/AI features dual 4K cameras with 8-MP resolution and 169-degree field of view with AI video processing from the edge and comes equipped with Ethernet, Fiber, LTE, or DOCSIS backhaul options. Installing typically in under 15 minutes, UbiHub AP/AI provides increased coverage and capacity, quickly and easily by leveraging the placement, power, and position from the existing streetlight.​


​Actionable insights, out of the box

With automated set-up & configuration of AI models and multiple analytic engines running in parallel, UbiHub AP/AI allows cities to optimize curb management, mobility, and public safety. Get actionable insights and remote troubleshooting with UbiVu, our cloud-based management software, it has an integrated dashboard to manage and visualize your entire deployment on a single screen.

Connect with Ubicquia now to make your community smarter, safer and more connected.

WiFi 6
Access Point

  • Efficiently manage up to 1,024 client connections
  • Tri-band (2x5GHz, 1x2.4GHz) 4x4 MU-MIMO​
  • 12 integrated omni-directional antennas​

Mesh Network

  • Mesh up to 4 units per ISP connection​
  • Dynamic load balancing of mesh network​
  • Dedicated 5GHz radio for max mesh bandwidth​​


  • Dual 4K cameras and four digital microphones​
  • Automated set-up & configuration of AI models​
  • Ability to run simultaneous AI models on each device​


  • PoE interface available for
    3rd party devices
  • Interoperable APIs to integrate with existing systems
  • Actionable insights and visualizations on UbiVu
Key Technical Specifications
Dimensions : 386mm x 208mm x 69mm
Power Surge Detection : 20kV/10kA
Power Supply : 120V to 480V
Average Power Consumption : 55W
IP Rating : IP65
Impact Rating : IK07
Ambient Temperature Range : -40C to +50C
Backhaul : Regular fiber SFP+, Ethernet CAT5e, LTE CAT4. DOCSIS 3.0
Cameras : 2x 3840 x 2140​