Ubicquia Scales Smart City Edge Processing to Streetlights

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Ubicquia's core Ubicell plug-and-play streetlight controller/router now utilizes Qualcomm® SDM845 processor. 

Ubicquia®, the global leader in simply smart, simply connected network and IoT platforms for smart cities, today announced it has expanded its flagship Ubicell Streetlight Controller/Router to deliver cost-effective edge processing and artificial intelligence (AI) to cities worldwide. Ubicquia will show its full line of smart connectivity products this week in its booth, Hall 2, Stand 2i10, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, February 25-28.

Ubicell can replace the photocell on more than 360 million streetlights worldwide, and delivers advanced light control, ANSI 12.20 power metering and tilt/vibration sensing. Integrating the Qualcomm® SDM845 processor from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. brings high-performance edge processing and advanced smart city services that take advantage of the processor’s integrated hardware-accelerated neural network inferencing for edge AI, IoT security, media processing for video analytics, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and enhanced WiFi range and performance.

“We are excited to deliver advanced smart city services that leverage the power of Qualcomm Technologies’ expertise in connectivity and edge computing,” said Brad Hutson, head of engineering, Ubicquia. “By integrating the Qualcomm SDM845 into our Ubicell that plugs into any streetlight, we are able to scale video analytics at the edge at a fraction of the cost of solutions currently in the marketplace while supporting a growing list of emerging 5G smart city and V2X services.”

“Qualcomm Technologies is committed to using cutting-edge connectivity and edge computing to help cities grow smarter,” said Jeffery Torrance, vice president, business development, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “We are excited to see the Ubicell utilizing our Qualcomm SDM845, and we look forward to continued collaboration with Ubicquia in the future.”

About Ubicquia

Ubicquia offers municipalities, utilities and mobile operators a cost-effective and expandable platform for deploying smart city, broadband and small cell services. The company’s Ubicell, Ubihub™ and Ubimetro™ product lines are NEMA socket-compliant and compatible with more than 360 million streetlights globally. Ubicquia is actively involved in organizations such as 20-20 Cities, GSMA and the LoRa Alliance to help drive efforts to make global smart connectivity a reality. To learn more about how Ubicquia can make your city simply connected and simply smart, visit or follow us on Twitter @ubicquia.

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