Ubicquia Launches First Electronic Transformer Fault Detector



Delivering Comprehensive Real-Time Transformer Health and Grid Analytics

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – FEBRUARY 26, 2024—Ubicquia, a leader in intelligent utility infrastructure, today unveiled the UbiGrid™ Transformer Fault Detector (TFD+), a disruptive platform designed to remotely detect transformer faults, eliminate needless replacements, and ensure crew safety when re-energizing.

The UbiGrid TFD+ can be installed in the factory, in the warehouse, or in the field on an energized transformer in less that 10 minutes. Unlike traditional internal fault detectors, the UbiGrid TFD+ does not require any tank modification. It also provides detailed asset management, GIS and real-time data on oil pressure, oil temperature, voltage sag/swell, tilt, and vibration.

This data enables utilities to:

  • Instantly identify a transformer outage, location, and cause.system.
  •  Leverage UbiVu predictive analytics to detect failures weeks or months in advance.
  • Reduce unnecessary transformer replacements.
  • Provide more accurate data to determine whether a transformer can be safely re-energized.

UbiGrid TFD+

The TFD+ is a new addition to Ubicquia’s UbiGrid line of Distribution Transformer Monitoring solutions. They are compatible with a wide range of single and three phase transformers worldwide.  The UbiGrid TFD+ is available through our international network of utility sales agents and through selected transformer manufacturers in North America. The UbiGrid TFD+ is compatible with all public and private LTE networks. As with all Ubicquia platforms, pricing includes the smart grid sensor, software and connectivity bundled for 10 years.

“Current market solutions are mechanical, provide limited insight to failures and lack communications.  We knew we could do something better,” said Jow Ortiz, General Manager of Ubicquia’s Smart Grid Platforms.  “The UbiGrid TFD+ provides utilities of all sizes with a powerful, cost effective, cloud-based tool to detect and diagnose transformer faults, and determine if it is safe to re-energize.”

"This is a significant step forward in the evolution of transformers," said Ricardo Suarez, CEO of Prolec. “We are thrilled to partner with Ubicquia and shape the future of smart energy.”

Product Debut at DistribuTech
The UbiGrid TFD+ will be showcased at the DistribuTech Conference, from February 27-29 at the Orlando Convention Center in Ubicquia booth #3317.

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