Flock Safety, Ubicquia Help Police with License Plate Recognition


Innovative streetlight platform can turn any streetlight into an LPR or video site in minutes.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – August 1, 2023—Flock Safety, the first public safety operating system for cities, and Ubicquia, a company that makes intelligent streetlight infrastructure, have announced an integration partnership that promises to revolutionize the way public safety agencies deploy license plate reading (LPR) and situational awareness cameras to capture the objective evidence needed to solve more crime.


By using Ubicquia's award winning UbiHub® multi-purpose streetlight platform, which plugs into the photocell socket of 360 million compatible streetlights, integrates with 3rd party cameras and has built-in LTE connectivity, Flock Safety customers can now deploy cameras in minutes. With a streetlight every 50 meters, this partnership will allow public safety departments across the country to reduce the time and cost of installing LPR services.

Flock Safety’s Falcon® LPR cameras currently help law enforcement agencies around the country solve upwards of 1,000 crimes every day. Vehicular evidence is often the most valuable investigative lead a detective can have while investigating the roughly 70% of crime that occurs with a vehicle (estimated by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, IACP). Flock Safety’s patented Vehicle Fingerprint™ technology identifies a vehicle’s unique features (make, vehicle body style, license plate, state of the license plate, paper tags, aftermarket wheels, roof racks, etc.) and makes it possible to find suspect vehicles across your network of cameras.

The Falcon camera is part of FlockOS®, which combines video and LPR technology into a single platform for comprehensive situational awareness and investigative purposes.

Ubicquia's streetlight platforms have been adopted by over 700 customers, including some of the largest cities and utilities in North America. Flock Safety's technology is deployed in over 3,000 communities to provide valuable data for investigations and crime prevention efforts.

Michael Sherwood, Chief Innovation Officer for the City of Las Vegas is excited about the partnership, “We like the sleek design and functionality of the Ubicquia platform. It allows us to deploy Flock LPR cameras using our existing infrastructure. This saves the city time and money. It also gives us the additional benefit of network streetlighting controls to improve the way we manage our streetlights," he said.

“The integration of Flock Safety's LPR technology into the UbiHub platform is a game-changer for public safety agencies,” Bailey Quintrell, Senior Vice President, Growth from Flock Safety stated. “It enables cities to take advantage of existing infrastructure, accelerating the deployment of cameras, while delivering all the crime solving benefits of LPR technology and FlockOS, our public safety situation awareness platform for cities."

Kyle Brown, Vice President Worldwide Channels for Ubicquia said “Flock Safety is disrupting the LPR market, and we are thrilled to partner with a company that shares our commitment to public safety.”

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