Turning streetlights and utility poles into smart assets that deliver data driven insights

Our Smart City Solutions plug into existing streetlights to provide critical services, including advanced light control and video AI that makes transportation more efficient, and improves pedestrian and public safety.

Plug and Play streetlight photocell replacement providing advanced light control, stray voltage detection, utility grade metering, tilt/vibration sensing and connections to smart city sensors services.

Edge AI Processing & WiFi 6 Access Point with Smart Streetlight Controller enables the next generation of IoT Smart City services worldwide with high-speed wireless internet access and lighting control capabilities.

Scaling and deploying public WiFi and 5G faster

Our Connectivity Platforms deliver public WiFi, private LTE and small cell products that plug into any streetlight photocell socket, install in minutes and are barely seen from the street. Our streetlight WiFi and Small Cells connect people where there is NO connection and make scaling and deploying 5G faster, simply.

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Our streetlight WiFi 6 Access Point accelerates the deployment of high-speed public WiFi for communities of all sizes with multiple backhaul options and cloud-based management.

Streetlight Small Cell simplifies densification of mobile networks w/ Integrated Fiber, Ethernet and DOCSIS Backhaul, plus CA,LAA and CBRS service.

Monitoring your assets so you don't have to

Ubicquia’s Smart Grid Platforms are designed to help utilities and cities identify, predict and prevent outages before they happen. These sensors monitor critical utility pole and distribution transformer assets while delivering valuable real-time data and reducing O&M costs. And no need to deploy another communications network, as these sensors leverage either public or private LTE networks already in place.

Extends transformer monitoring technology to enable real-time transformer condition and health analytics for future failure prediction and prevention.

Intelligent Pole/ Structure Monitoring enables instant notifications and fleet wide assessment of utility pole status. Get a clearer picture of the condition of your T&D pole and structure assets to drive down SAIDI and the economic impact of outages.

Want to make your communities smarter, safer and more connected ?

Talk to us about how to make your existing streetlights and utility poles the foundation for your real-time communities.