LBC200: Advanced Light Control with Utility Grade Metering

Ubicell™ is a light pole based router that supports a variety of IoT and Smart City services including advanced lighting control, environmental monitoring, audio and video surveillance, public WiFi and more. Ubicell is compatible with all legacy and new LED street lights and provides utility grade power metering. Ubicell™ is built on a single platform that lets utilities, municipalities, and broadband operators deploy what they need today with the ability to add new services with simple plug & play modules.


Lamp Type LED, CF, HID
Lamp Interface 3, 5 or 7 Pin NEMA Socket
Maximum Lamp Power Up to 500W
On/Off Programmed or a via LUX sensor
Dimming Dual PWM Dimming Circuits
Dimming Rang Stepless 0% to 100% depending on luminaire manufacturer
External Interface (s) WiFi, Bluetooth
Communication Modules LoRa, 2G/3G, (LTE, LTE Cat-M1, LTE Cat-M1 NBIoT: Q4)
OTA Updates Yes
Security AES 256 bit Encryption
Power Supply 85 – 277VAC 47Hz – 63Hz
Internal Memory 16MB EPROM (non-volatile)
Ave Power Consumption 0.5W
IP Rating IP66
Operating Temperature Range -25C to +85C
Dimension Diam: 84.5mm (3.3 inches) x Height: 98mm (3.9 inches)
Weight 9.4 oz

Utility Grade Power Metering (Line & Load)

Accuracy 99.98%
Lamp Power 1W to 3,500W
Line Voltage 90V to 277V
Current 0.0 – 16Amps
Active Power Watts (+/- 0.1% accuracy)
Reactive Power VAR (+/- 0.1% accuracy)
Power Factor 0.00 – 1
Sag & Swell Detection VAC (+/- 0.1% accuracy)
Energy Consumption WH (Watt Hours +/- 0.1% accuracy)
Amp Hours (AH) AH (Amp Hours +/- 0.1% accuracy)
On/off cycles Cycle count and Cycle variation (fault detection)
Running Hours 0 – 10 years

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