Ubicquia Joins AT&T Smart Cities Strategic Alliance

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Streetlight-Powered Network/IoT Routers and Small Cells from Ubicquia Will Help Power Smart Cities Deployments


Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain – February 23, 2018Ubicquia, a global leader in simply smart, simply connected Network and IoT platforms for smart cities, announced that it has joined the AT&T Smart Cities Strategic Alliance. Ubicquia is focused on bringing streetlight-powered network and IoT routers, as well as streetlight-powered small cells to municipalities.

The Ubicell and Ubimetro products from Ubicquia, along with new communication modules that allow for global narrow-band and 4G deployments, will be showcased at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, February 26th through March 1st in Ubicquia’s meeting room (Hall2 – Stand #2C49MR), the Sercomm meeting room (Hall 2 – #2G3) and the LoRa Alliance (Hall 8 – Stand #80D3).

  • Ubicell is a plug & play network and IoT router that simply replaces the standard streetlight photocell. It’s a modular and cost effective platform for mobile operators, municipalities, utilities, and lighting manufacturers who are deploying smart city and broadband services.
    • Along with additional energy savings, the Ubicell provides near real-time data on the quality of the electrical grid, streetlight outages, the signal strength of the mobile network and even the impact high winds and hurricanes can have on a street pole.
  • Ubimetro, the mobile industry’s first streetlight-powered small cell has an omni-directional antenna and NEMA socket plug & play platform that makes it compatible with more than 300 million streetlights globally.
    • Ubimetro is design to help operators more rapidly densify their networks, improve wireless network capacity and increase macro network efficiency. The product’s Qualcomm FSM-based architecture delivers enhanced mobile broadband, supports fiber, ethernet, broadband power line and wireless backhaul while leveraging features including LAA and V-RAN.

“You can’t be a smart city until you’re a connected city,” said Ian Aaron, CEO of Ubicquia. “We’re thrilled to be joining AT&T’s Smart City Strategic Alliance and look forward to working closely with them on future smart city deployments.”

“Collaboration is key to creating smarter cities. As a member of our strategic alliance, having the option of utilizing Ubicquia’s cellular-enabled nodes opens up a number of possibilities in how we can help transform a city’s existing streetlights,” said Mike Zeto, general manager, AT&T Smart Cities.

The AT&T Smart Cities Alliance was formed in 2016 to support the launch of AT&T’s smart city framework initiative. The framework, which aims to enhance cities’ connectivity, is made up of several key industry players including major network equipment vendors, IT service providers, chipset manufacturers and prominent industry consultants.

About Ubicquia

Ubicquia offers municipalities, utilities and mobile operators a cost-effective and expandable platform for deploying smart city, broadband and small cell services.  The company’s Ubicell product line is NEMA socket compliant and compatible with more than 300 million streetlights globally.  To find out more about Ubicell and Ubimetro or to request a meeting with Ubicquia at MWC 2018, please contact mwc@ubicquia.com.




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