• Programmable Ambient Light Sensor
  • Automatic Dimming/Low Level IR
  • Utility grade current metering
  • APIs for location and situational lighting control


  • WHO compliant. Real-time measurement of common air pollutants.
  • Measurement of temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, precipitation, environment gases and particulates
  • Integration with MQ Series and other sensor manufacturers


  • Integration of more than 100 EPL Series cameras
  • Live HD video monitoring
  • Live audio monitoring
  • Local libraries and processing for audio and video analysis at the edge
  • Location services based on Triangulation across multiple street lights


  • Certified with narrow band networks including LoRa, NB-iOT, 2G/3G and NRF24
  • New advanced wireless module 802.11 ac with gigabit backhaul
  • Compatible with existing public 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi networks and devices

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